Monday, 5 December 2011

Download Paper zombie Android Game, This time the threat is… Made of Paper!

The gameworld making a huge fun for us. The new Paper Zombie game is one of the new kind of fun in zombie flavoured games.
This game is made with awesome graphics and cool sound track.
In this the satges / levels are relatively short but very exciting and intensive, you have  to switch between 3 different weapons and utiize them to succeed at this unevenly-matched fight.

1. - Cutting weapons. Everyone knows that one of the best ways to destroy paper is cutting it, but you’ll need to be relatively close to the zombies.
2. - Shooting weapons. Shoot at the zombies to knock them down but remember that you may only have a limited amount of bullets.
3. - Launching weapons. Paper burns easily. Launch firebombs to the areas plagued by zombies to finish them off but be careful that there aren’t any innocent ones in the area!

Paper zombie have been avaible for iOS/iPhone for long time now and the game were one of Top ten game in iOS in more than 10 countries. Watch the video  demo of Paper Zombie Android Game then grab it from download link below.

Also you may enter the secret code "GOLD" in the zCode area to earn free in-game cash to unlock features.



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