Thursday, 30 August 2012


MICROSOFT has taken first step in TABLET PC WORLD.

They have proved that this SURFACE tablet is stylish, thin and well-manufactured.
It is explored by Windows 8 apps which make it more effective. This all-rounder computer gives you a very live experience of musics, videos and games.

There are two versions:- SURFACE RT and WINDOWS PRO.

  • SURFACE for both windows RT and windows 8 is a 10.6 inch tablet.
  • Both versions have distinct screen resolutions, as windows RT have 720p HD screen and windows 8 have 1080p full HD screen. But Microsoft’s HD display technology is common in both. Ultra-wide viewing angle and auto-adjusting screen intensity mechanism is followed by both.

  • The clear type screen, with keyboard attached magnetically and the kickstand hinge at the back which scroll down when you don’t want it.
  • SURFACE RT have USB 2 port and a micro HDMI Port with twin speakers and dual array microphone. 
  • While SURFACE PRO have USB 3 port and also a micro SD port with micro HDMI port. 
  • They have given two keyboard covers for SURFACE:
          1. TOUCH COVER 
          2. TYPE COVER.
  • These both protective covers are connected to surface by magnetic strip. 
  • Tablet have touch-sensitive keyboard and tactile keyboard for better performance. Both also include a multitouch touch pad. 
  • Sprung keys on keyboard make touch experience more better. It is available in 5 colors with very elegant color quality. 
  • The kickstand is also capable of holding screen when keyboard is not attached. At the center of the top edge a camera is found.  

  • SURFACE RT will launched in the market at end of October while SURFACE PRO will come after 3 months of the launch of SURFACE RT. 
  • These will be available in Microsoft Stores and online. 

  • Price is not yet  declared but can be mentioned after its availability.