Monday, 1 August 2011

eBuddy XMS

Now, Instant messaging applications on the web and mobile, eBuddy just introduced new service which provides fast sms/text messaging.

eBuddy XMS is a  free, real-time messaging applicaiotn for smartphones.
You can XMS unlimited text messages to anyone who’s also installed it to their smartphone. eBuddy XMS uses your smartphones Internet connection to share unlimited messages between you and anyone else on XMS – for free!
Just like SMS, eBuddy XMS is based on your mobile phonebook – it automatically detects which contacts already installed eBuddy XMS. You can add friends in a snap:

* By adding a phone number to your phonebook,
* Scanning your Facebook friends
* Inviting friends through e-mail.

How is XMS different from SMS/text messaging?

With XMS, you can message as much as you want and not accumulate costs, because it uses your Internet connection. So you can send a quick hello or have a casual conversation, all for free! XMS is always on, always ready, and unlike SMS/text messaging, it shows you when your messages are sent and read.

It is only available for Smartphone but will be available soon for other mobile platforms.

You can give try to this service by just downloading the application.

Download eBuddy XMS :- Android  |  iPhone