Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Microsoft Office 365 Free to use for Everyone [News]

Microsoft Office..
Its the first word from the mouth of any Business Professional after Booting-Up the PC.
It has evolved in many versions from Microsoft Office 2003, MS-Office 2007, MS-Office 2010, MS-Office 2011, and the Latest MS-Office 365.
Microsoft Office 365 is the latest version of Microsoft Office.
Features of Microsoft Office 365 are as follows :

It is based on Cloud Computing, means all the work is done online an saved online.

Its in its Beta Stage now and available for Free Use for time Being to Users on First come First Serve Basis.

Apart from Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel, other services like Exchange, Share Point and Links are also available for free use.

Available to around 38 countries around the world.

Available in around 17 languages.

Since, its online not much hardware performance is required rather than good Internet Connectivity.

It have 99.9 % up-time for service.

Many Apps and Services are available from Microsoft and its Partners.
Hope you guys like this new Cloud Computing Productivity tool and use the Beta as long as its available for us.

The Official Link to Microsoft Office 365: www.microsoft.com/office365

Monday, 16 May 2011


Angry birds is a PUZZLE VIDEO GAME developed by Finland-based Rovio Mobile.
It is inspired by a sketch of stylized wingless birds.

Do you want to download the game for free??
The link is given below of the blog..!!
*  Platforms :-
 iOS, Maemo, Palm webOS, Android, Symbian^3, PSP/PlayStation 3, Mac OSX, Windows, WebGL, Chrome browser.

*  Editions :-
Angry Birds Seasons.
Angry Birds Rio.
Angry Birds Magic.

*  What exactly in the game?? (Gameplay)
In Angry Birds, players take a control of a flock of multi-colored birds that are attempting to retrieve "eggs" that have been stolen by a group of evil green pigs.

On each level, the pigs are sheltered by structures made of various materials such as "wwod, ice and stone".

The objective of the game is to eliminate all the pigs in the level.
Using a "slingshot"(i.e a catapult is a small hand-powered projectile weapon), players launch the birds with the intent of either hitting the pigs directly or damaging the structures, which would cause them to collapse and kill the pigs.

In various stagess of the game, additional objects such as explosive creates and rocks are found in the levels, and may be used in conjuction with the birds to destroy hard-to-reach pigs.

There are several different types of birds used in the game. In the earliest levels, the basic red bird is the only available.
As the players advances through the game, additional types of birds become available; some of these birds are more effective against materials or they have special abilities that are activated by the player after the bird has been launched. For example, a blue bird can seprate into three smaller birds, a black bird explodes and a white bird can drop explosive eggs.

The pigs themselves also appear in different sizes. While small pigs are relatively weak and are easily destroyed either by direct hits or by debris from the damaged structures, larger pigs are able to sustain more damage. Also, some pigs wear helmets as armor, making them more resistant to damage, while pigs with crowns can take the most damage.

Each level starts with the number, types, and order of birds pre-determined.
If all of the pigs are defeated by the time the last bird is used, the level is completed and the next level is unlocked.

*  Awards :- 
In february 2010, Angry Birds was a nominee for the " Best Casual Game " award at the 6th annual International Mobile Gaming Awards in Barcelona, Spain.

In September 2010, IGN named Angry Birds as the fourth best iPhone game of all time.

In April 2011, Angry Birds won both the "Best Game App" and "App of the Year" at the UK Appy Awards.

*  To download free Angry Birds For windows, just click on the the following link :-


Click 'Download for free now!' button and you will be asked to download and install the Intel AppUp center.
After installing Intel AppUp, Sign in and get you free copy of Angry Birds.

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Decoy Hide Text And Call Logs App For Your Android Smartphone [App Review]

Hiding text messages has been achieved successfully with Decoy hide text. But What if you want to make sure the text as well as the call logs of a person are hidden from your phone? There is a soultioin for this problem. There is another application from the same team called ‘Decoy hide text and call logs’ that solves this problem for your android smartphone.

‘Decoy hide text and call logs’ is an application that hides text messages as well as call logs of a selected contact. The decoy in front is an interesting one. It has a ghost detector that works. So any person who tries to use the application will feel that it is a ghost detector. But surprise, make a long click on the ghost and you get a login screen. The ‘Decoy hide text and call logs’.

How exactly does ‘Decoy Hide Text and Call Logs’ work?

1. Start the app and you get a ghost detector. Long click on the ghost and you get a log in screen where you need to enter your id and password.
2. Once inside the application, make the appropriate settings according to your requirement. There are options to hide text messages, call logs or both for selected contacts.
3. To view text messages or call logs, click on the appropriate tab.

Features of ‘Decoy  Hide Text and Call Logs
1.Hides SMS/text messages and Call logs.
2.Password protected.
3.Disguised Notifications.
4. Make calls and send text messages via the app itself.
5.Undo send facility.
6.Conversational view for text messages.
7.Facility to delete single text message as well the entire thread.

Price: $ 3.49 (Pro) / Free | Download The Free Version | Download The Pro Version 

Samsung Galaxy Pop S5570 Hands On Review [Budget Android Smartphone]

Features of Samsung Galaxy Pop S5570 :-

*  Android & Performance
This phone is interestingly comes with Android 2.2 Froyo which is most new smartphones are coming with these days & is an added advanatage over Galaxy 5 & galaxy 3 which comes with Android 2.1 Eclair. Its more stable with froyo & performs really well with its 600 MHz processor.

Multi tasking goes really well as we tried playing music, browsing & some widgets running in background – Galaxy pop handled with without any hassle. Phone hits up a little while multi tasking like any other smartphone could. Battery have a good performance & stand by time is high as 570 hrs (on 2G)
Typing on keyboard is a really good experience and fingers hardly makes any mistake thanks to its big screen compared to other smartphones in range of 8k to 13k.

*  Design & Asthetics :
Galaxy Pos S5570 is available in two different colors including white & combination of black and lusty green. Both phones look really stunning compared to the Galaxy 5, Galaxy 3 & Galaxy Flip. Its light weight & feels really great in hands.  What makes Galaxy Pop so special is its width is tapering down form top a little, which makes it unique in design.

*  Connectivity & Browsing Experience on Galaxy Pop
Samsung Galaxy Pop have all great connectivity options any smartphone owner will look for like Wi Fi, 3G  (7.2 mbps), A-GPS & Bluetooth for high speed data usage. It has got a big 3.14 inch of display which no other phone is this price rage have & it is very handy for browsing web & apps.

*  Multimedia & Entertainment
Samsung Galaxy pop is featuring 3.2 MP of camera that captures real good images similar to their galaxy 3, Galaxy 551 & rest of mid range galaxy series. Music playesupprts MP3, WAVE, AAC+  & it have With 3.5 Mm Audio Jack for universal connectivity. additional features includes DNSe Sound Enhancement. Pop can also capture videos at 15 fps & video player supports MP4, H.264, H.263 encoding.  supports MP4,H.264,H.263 encoding.
This little smartphone have 150MB of internal memory & supports microSD card up to 32GB of capacity, so that you can never run out of the space for storing your favorite pictures,music & movies.

Miscellaneous Apps & Features include  -Digital compass,SNS integration,Organizer, Thinkfree office, Image/video editor,Google Search, Maps, Gmail, YouTube, Calendar, Google Talk, Picasa integration,Voice memo/dial etc.,

Price: Rs. 9200 (approx.)

If you want to buy it online follow the link given below :

Top 5 Java Mobile Apps for Java Phones [Free Download]

Most of the basic and mid range mobile devices in the market are Java Phones.
They don’t support multitasking but there are millions of Java Apps created by Java Coders worldwide.
Here are the Top 5 Java Apps for your Java Phone based on the worldwide survey.

Top 5 java apps for mobile :

1 – Snaptu :

Snaptu is topping the list. It is a one roof Application for majority of our online work. In Snaptu you can check your social networking notification of sites like Facebook, Twitter. You have a RSS Feed reader for every section like movies, celebrities, sports, world news, technology, etc. Also, it provides direct links to Gmail, Hi5, MySpace, etc sites and have its own inbuilt Snap Store to add more features to Snaptu

You can download Snaptu for Java mobile here.

2 – Opera Mini :
Opera Mini was and again the Top Symbian App. It have many boons for Symbian Lovers. Opera Mini uses Opera Servers to route the webpages to our Symbian Device, also it have a very cool 80 % data compression technology. This is a very handy browser and as a life saver for the 2G Internet Users. Apart from this Opera was the first one to bring pointer based mobile surfing on Java Mobile Platform and also features like cookies and password saving.

You can download Opera Mini for Java mobile here.

3 – Bolt :

Same as Opera Mini, its an Internet Browser with many amazing features. There is a very tough competition between Opera Mini and Bolt, We would like to recommend you to keep both the browsers as we never know that which one may work fine for your work. Also, sometimes its handy to use the Half Screen Zoom feature of bolt.

You can download Bolt for Java mobile here.

4 – eBuddy :

As the name suggest. eBuddy means say electronic buddy, it lest you be in touch with all your buddies in an electronic way via your mobile phone. It is an IM Client for everything under one roof, from Rediff, Yahoo to GTalk and Facebook. Small and very useful Java App to be in touch with your world anytime and anywhere.

You can download eBuddy for Java mobile here.

5 – Nimbuzz :

Social Networking is the Key Feature of this App. It gives you all under Social Networking under one roof. You can use your IM’s, VoIP, Twitter, MySpace, etc Social Networking sites with this cool app. It have a nice tabbed interface to ease your work and never confuse you. It can also flawlessly access your phones Camera and File System, plus have a very comfortable UI.

You can download Nimbuzz for Java mobile here.

Along with this Apps, there are many more and also I would like to share a few more names like Lifefeeds, Flurry, KD Player, Mixit, Wattapad, etc.

New Microsoft Windows 8.

As it is that before any OS is launched its Transformation Pack and Themes are all available to give the GUI experience of that OS.

Again the same goes on with the new forthcoming Windows 8 Operating System.
Some of the information about the OS were already leaked and its leaked wallpapers and videos are freely available all over the internet.

But a guy, a DevianART user named Mufflerexoz have created the Windows 8 Transformation Pack, Which is freely available to download.

You can download this transformation pack from the links given below this post.

The Graphics of Windows 8 are to be expected as very High Quality, Fresh and all new in their style.
So far it seems very much like Windows 7, but it will be really more than Win 7, as it will be having very much new added features which are listed in our older Windows 8 post (link given above.)
Many of the GUI of windows 8 are redesigned such as new Login and Boot Screen, new taskbar, refreshed icons, new explorer look, etc.

You can download the Windows 8 Transformation Pack Theme By Clicking the Below two Links and Experience Windows 8 feel.

Size : 18 MB

So everyone out there trying this Windows 8 Transformation Pack.. 
How do you feel the new Windows GUI..??