Sunday, 21 July 2013

Tips to Maintain and Boost Your Android Device.

Here are some tips for you to maintain your android device.

1. Manage Your Applications

Not all devices of android have built in task manager which gives you the applications which are running in background and selectively remove them from memory. Too many apps running simultaneously will bring down the speed of your device. So close the apps to save battery as well as speed up the device.
The app manager is usually pulled up with a long press on the home or options button.
You can download the home screen widget which allows you to close running apps with just one tap.

2. Protection against bad apps and viruses

If you download the apps from any third party (except play store) then there are more chances that your phone will be attacked by the viruses.
So install a antivirus app to protect your phone from viruses. Some of the best free options include avast, avg, lookout .
Note that you should install only one of this app at a time.

3.  Manage RAM for smooth multitasking

Depending upon the number of apps you have installed and number apps running in background, the size of RAM your device has may not be enough to smoothly switch between apps.

So to solve this problem install free app called Clean Master by KS Mobile. Not only does it have a task killer (to free up RAM), but it can also delete history (web browser data & history), clean the cache, properly uninstall apps and remove residual files (remnants of previously deleted apps) to free up space on the device memory.

4. Check the Settings.

Check out the settings whether any of the setting like bluetooth, wifi etc are on when you don't need them?  Some of these are keep on searching for connections and slows down the speed of other apps.
So continuously check the settings which are not needed but still on.

5. Switch off the live wallpaper.

Switch off the live wallpaper so that you will be able to extend the battery life.
This will help to load the apps faster too.

6. Use the external Memory card.

Even if you 16GB memory storage, some of it is used by the operating system, and apps.  You should atleast keep 2GB of that free. 
So move the data like images , videos, songs etc to the external memory card.


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