Tuesday, 3 January 2012

YoYo Games to release cross-platform social game called Grave Maker next month

YoYo Games have published a few rather popular games on the Android Market.
Their newest game will break from the single platform mold and will be a cross-platform social game going by the name of Grave Maker.

Built using HTML5, Grave Maker will be available for all web-based devices for Android and iOS along with Facebook as well. According to the developers, this will be a true cross-platform game meaning that if you start a game on your Android device, you can pick it back up on Facebook or an iOS device (if you happen to own one as well as an Android device for some reason).

In the game you are controlling a grave digger who is to be able to bring the dead back to life. This is great for you except for the fact that this little ability of yours has happened to anger the townsfolk who are bent on ending your grave digging career by killing you. To defend yourself you will have to build your own army made up of the undead. This is a very much fun.!

The game is actually available in a beta form that you can test out online over at the official Grave Maker website. YoYo Games has stated that this will be a blend of multiple freemium titles from various platforms like Facebook, blending into one freemium title instead for cross-platform play. No exact date has been given on when this will be released, only that it will be coming February 2012. Full press release below.

Website : YoYo Games

Samsung Has No Plans for Galaxy S ‘Value Pack’ Update

The Samsung Galaxy S will not receive a “Value Pack” update with added features, a spokesperson speaking to The Next Web has confirmed.

The software upgrade was initially discussed as an alternative to Android 4.0, adding some of the operating system’s new features within the framework of Android 2.3. Samsung stated last month that the hardware of the Galaxy S can not support the new Ice Cream Sandwich build of Android along with their TouchWiz user interface.

Hardware is again being pointed to as the reason why a so-called “Value Pack” will not be delivered. The news will certainly frustrate owners of the highly popular smartphone further, but at this point it looks like Samsung can or will do little to remedy the issue.

Sunday, 1 January 2012

Rovio wishes everyone a Happy New Years, uncoverd the next Angry Birds Seasons Update

Rovio has just released a nice little video wishing everyone a happy New Years for 2012. It's just a short little 30 second video showing some Angry Birds along side from rather cold looking frozen pigs in a winter setting. However, sometimes these little videos hold much more information and Rovio has uncovered the next update heading our way.

So what is the update of Angry Bird that is heading our way soon? Well considering the Asian theme that they give a sneak peek at during the video, the next update looks to be based around the Chinese New Year for Angry Birds Seasons. This is further supported by the fact that the update will be coming out in January 2012. This is the same month that the Chinese New Year is held.

Unfortunately we dont have any additional information as to what will come with this new update to Angry Birds Seasons or when exactly it will arrive although we can be sure that it will arrive on or before January 23rd, 2012 which is when the Chinese New Year begins. Until then, enjoy the video above.