Tuesday, 23 July 2013

SmartWatch For Kids To be in Contact with Parents

Instead of buying a new phone for your child you can simply bring smartwatch. It can track kids, receive text messages, and be used for limited phone calls. The smartwatch is really a cool technology.

Embedded GPS, Wi-Fi and GSM radios support location tracking and two-way phone calls between parent and tot. Parents can use their iOS or Android phone to locate their kids wearing Filip. Plus, they can call their child and have an actual conversation: Filip is limited to send calls to up to five numbers only, which are configured by the parent. Filip can also receive one-way text messages. Likewise, Filip can be used to tell parents when their child has arrived in a preconfigured safe-zone, such as school or the local library.

The red button on the side once held for three seconds following actions are performed by smartwatch.
  1. A text message to up to five pre-defined phone numbers are sent with location data.
  2. The device will start recording ambient sound.
  3. Calls are made to the pre-defined phones in succession: If there’s no answer at the first, Filip calls the next, and so on.
  4. In the event of no answer from the five phones, Filip can directly call emergency services.
The price of smartwatch is not yet available. A smartwatch for younger kids serves multiple purposes between location tracking, security and communications. And it provides that without the complications of an actual handset, which parents are likely considering for kids under 12 or so.
So I think it will be good if you buy smartwatch for your childrens rather than buying a phone.

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