Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Free SMS Backup+ review and download (Android)

There is one more intresting app is now available for you.

Download :

PLATFORM        :         ANDROID

PRICE           :         FREE

DOWNLOAD        :         Google Play

SMS Backup+ is a clever app because it lets you back-up your SMS, MMS and call logs. This is the information that normally falls through the net on a typical smartphone.
Its a application by which you can backup your msgs and call logs on your gmail account.

It gives us two best advantages :-

First, if you have to reset your phone, lose it or just get a new handset, you can still get to those messages. The idea is that you can then restore them using the app, or do a fresh install of the app on a new device.

The process works well, and we were able to collate messages from several different phones on to one. If you use multiple handsets, or often switch handsets, you'll immediately see the benefit in this.
Second, you can also look-up your messages through your Gmail account, either on your PC or Android device. This has some uses too, but with the restore option working so well, you'll probably never want to do it.

SMS Backup+ is not the most exciting app in the world, but if you need to move your messages or keep a log of them, it certainly makes it easy.


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