Saturday, 14 May 2011

New Microsoft Windows 8.

As it is that before any OS is launched its Transformation Pack and Themes are all available to give the GUI experience of that OS.

Again the same goes on with the new forthcoming Windows 8 Operating System.
Some of the information about the OS were already leaked and its leaked wallpapers and videos are freely available all over the internet.

But a guy, a DevianART user named Mufflerexoz have created the Windows 8 Transformation Pack, Which is freely available to download.

You can download this transformation pack from the links given below this post.

The Graphics of Windows 8 are to be expected as very High Quality, Fresh and all new in their style.
So far it seems very much like Windows 7, but it will be really more than Win 7, as it will be having very much new added features which are listed in our older Windows 8 post (link given above.)
Many of the GUI of windows 8 are redesigned such as new Login and Boot Screen, new taskbar, refreshed icons, new explorer look, etc.

You can download the Windows 8 Transformation Pack Theme By Clicking the Below two Links and Experience Windows 8 feel.

Size : 18 MB

So everyone out there trying this Windows 8 Transformation Pack.. 
How do you feel the new Windows GUI..??


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